Safety Audit

Good Health, safe culture & Best environment practices are of prime importance for any organization nowadays.

We at green energy audit provides a safe working environment to our clients and encourage to practice safe culture.We offer consultancy services in the areas of safety,environment,fire,health,and risk management for manufacturing plants,construction sites,small,medium and large industrial units,commercial and high rise buildings,warehouses,banks and office premises.We are leaders in safety audit training and services all over india.

At green energy audit , we are not only providing safety and health services but also providing up to date education and training in relevant areas to our clients.

We offer following Services:
– Electrical safety Audit.
– Safety Audit.
– Fire safety audit
– Safety training.
– Risk Assessment and Hazop study.

Good HSE practices are a common goal for all organizations irrespective of their sizes.

Keeping these points in mind our auditors examine the current preparedness of organization from a safety angle , their emergency preparedness plans ,current accident prevention levels and finally recommend an action plan to upgrade safety measures and avoid accidents.

In the safety audit the appraisal of potential hazards is the ultimate aim. These potential hazards are related to operational methods ,processes and plants and the audit will analyze whether the existing safety practices are in synchronisation with the provisions of the Law.

Our safety audits are conducted as per the Indian & International Code of Standards .These codes are OSHAS: 18000, EMS: 14000 , Indian Standard – 14489:1998 dedicated to the Occupational Safety & Health standards. These standards apply to all EHS compliance industries.

Based on our Clients requirement our safety audit can be focused on following areas to optimize the benefits :

  • Safety Management systems.
  • Fire and Explosion prevention, Fire protection.
  • Health hazards control.
  • Work injury prevention.
  • Evaluating emergency plan if already available.
  • Emergency management.
  • Management of health and safety.

  • First aid practices
  • Accidents and accident reporting.
  • Identification and removal Of Safety Hazards
  • Occupational health

During Audit, and site visits auditors will attempt to identify the activities and hazardous processes which are unsafe.These activities are documented and categorized.

Thereafter the audit team will submit the report which enlists the observations, hazardous activities identified and the remedial action suggested.

Finally the report will be discussed with the factory management and a schedule for the recommended remedial actions will be prepared.

Benefits of Safety Audit are:

Your Facility environment becomes safe which helps in adhering to the compliance strategy.

It also increases productivity and boost employee morale.