Fire Safety Audits

Fire is considered the most damaging natural power, which causes serious threat to life and property. Safety standards in a facility can be evaluated and upgraded by the effective use of safety audit tools. Safety audit helps in identification of areas of improvement and development of an action plan. It also spans emergency preparedness plans for fire safety and mock drills.

Green energy audit is actively conducting such audits and our fire safety consultants had carried out safety audits for Banks, High Rise Buildings, Small, Medium and Large Scale Industries, Hotels and more.

We conduct fire safety audit as per the recommended IS standards such as Standard for selection ,installation and maintenance of emergency fire extinguishers, standard for alarm system and automatic fire detection, National buildings code,2005,Code of practice for complete safety from fire in the building and all other related safety standards. All corrective and preventive actions as well as hazards are identified based on these safety standards. Our consultant conducts mock drills, evaluates safety and prepare emergency evacuation plans.

Our fire safety audits are focused on following:
– Identification of areas where flammable chemicals are handled/stored /transferred and control of ignition in such areas.
– Identification and control of electrical hazard which can be the cause of fire.
– Review of emergency fire system and Fire Alarm system of plant.
– Review and measures to enhance contractor safety. Contractor safety awareness will consist of emergency communication, chemical spill and fire fighting skills.
– Review of safety training and safety awareness requirements.

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