Energy Audit

Energy Audit & Conservation

The Main Operating expenditure in any business today is Electricity & fuel. Fuel & Energy Prices are fluctuating & it is in the best interest of business to utilize the energy resources ,in best possible manner. Thus Efficient energy utilization is the key for increasing the bottom line of any business.

At Green energy Audit , we analyze the energy consumption pattern of our customers & help in improving the energy efficiency as per industrial benchmarks.

We are the Energy Consultants & we offer Energy saving solutions which are customized to the customer requirements. Our solutions are designed to meet the energy conservation requirements to the fullest. Our Experts specializes in both detailed & walk through energy audits.

Our team of auditors are certified energy Auditors from the Bureau of Energy efficiency (BEE) under the Government of India .We have Experience of more than 30 years in completion of energy audits of buildings, hotels , industrial plants, hospitals and more. To conduct the audit we have all the specified Equipments with us like Lux meters, flow meters, tachometers, Power analyzers, gas analyzers.

During our Energy audit , an analysis of Annual energy spend is done & we conclude with the current thermal & electricity consumption patterns. We generate report which will list down the specific energy saving proposals and the break even period of the energy savings related expenditures. A detailed study of thermal & electrical system of the unit is conducted .

We offer following Services:
– Facility Walk Through Energy Audit
– Comprehensive and Detailed Energy Audit
– Implementation and Monitoring of Energy Efficiency Projects .

Our customers have achieved measurable & impressive energy savings in terms of optimized operational productivity and better cash flow. We work with the ultimate goal to reduce energy consumption and achieve energy efficiency by redesigning the energy intensive processes.

We undertake Energy conservation projects and demonstrate the Project completion outcomes as revenue items and cash flows on your balance sheet.

Our energy audit is focused on zero expenditure and low cost measures which can impart maximum energy savings. This helps in immediate savings for our client and improve their bottom line.

Energy Audit Procedure
The Purpose of Energy audit is to improve is to improve energy efficiency of a facility and streamline the current energy consumption with current industrial benchmarks
Audit is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the facility and aligning current consumption with current industry benchmarks.

Step -1- We will conduct a complete survey of the facility with a review of energy consumption. Appropriate instruments will be used for observation and measuring purpose.
Step-2- Detailed energy audit will be conducted at the unit by a certified energy auditor .The detailed energy audit is conducted on the baseline parameters of preliminary audit . Instruments like flue gas analyzer and scanner are use to compute energy efficiency.
Step -3- Recommendations are made by auditor on the basis of their findings. The report lists down energy savings measures and any capital expenditure for energy proposal. The recommended proposal will be backed by the feasibility study and project break even studies.
Step - 4 - We would work with you to implement these recommendations and convert these proposals into energy savings.

Areas of Improvement Covered by Electrical Energy Audit

  • Electrical Distribution Network and Transformers
  • DG sets
  • Illumination System
  • Cooling Tower
  • Refrigeration Systems, AHU, Chillers, HVAC,VAM
  • Compressed Air System

Areas of Improvement Covered by Electrical Energy Audit

  • Boilers
  • Insulation & Heat Exchangers
  • Ventilation System
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Steam Distribution
  • Furnaces, Boilers, Ovens
  • Steam Traps

List of our Energy Audit Instrument

S.No Name of the Instrument Application and Usage
1 Phase Power Analysers (Three Phase & Single) It measures and records real time Power Consumption. Without touching the existing connections it records electrical load, demand control, harmonics and transient.
2 Anemometer Anemometer It measures speed and flow of air in air conditioning systems.
3 Digital Multi meter It is a multi purpose device and it measures resistance,Current and voltage .
4 Luxmeter It measures the illumination level at a place.
5 Digital Temperature & Humidity monitor It measures and monitors the changes in humidity and temperature and records in digital format.
6 Thermo-hygrometer It measure humidification,air velocity & ventilation in HVAC systems.It also calculates Dew point and the heat carried by exhaust gases in a system where hot air drying is required.
7 Non-Contact Tachometer It measures RPM of rotating equipment..
8 Temperature Indicators It measures the temperature of various process materials like solids, gases,liquids,powders etc using probes.Useful in calculation of heat energy losses and for continuous monitoring.
9 Ultrasonic Flow Meter It measures the amount of fluid flowing through a pipeline using ultrasound transducers mounted on the pipeline.
10 Flue Gas Analysers Flue Gas Analysers It optimizes the Energy consumption of Furnace and boilers.It checks the combustion efficiency by monitoring the CO and oxygen percentage in the flue gas.It calculates CO2 percentage in exhaust air and improves the energy efficiency.
11 Digital Manometer It measures the Differential pressure and changes in pressure..
12 Thermal Insulation scanner/Thermal Imager It is used for High temperature measurements in boilers and furnaces. Infrared technology is used to measure the temperature from a distance.

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